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I have been waiting for the last twenty years to leave my husband. I have never been that well suited to him, but once I got pregnant I thought we should give it a try. Now that the kids have left home, it's obvious that our marriage is totally over. We're going to get a divorce. I'm making sure I have all of my ducks in a row, legally speaking, before I leave so that I get everything I'm entitled too. This blog is designed to give other empty nest divorcees a place to chat and share tips and advice.


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Starting my new life

3 Instances When You Will Need the Services of a Family Lawyer

by Cherly Green

Family life can sometimes have many complex components. Some of the issues are easy to resolve at a personal level and without professional interference. However, some situations are complicated or have long-lasting implications. It is best to consult a family lawyer before making a family-related decision that will affect your relationships and impact your future, money or property. Consider these the three main instances where you will need the services of a family lawyer

When Creating a Prenuptial Agreement

Many people go into marriage believing in a happily ever after. There is nothing wrong with hoping that your marriage will last decades and that you will have minimal conflict. However, life can be unpredictable, and anything can happen. Make your stand on issues like pre-acquired property, child custody, marital responsibilities, marital property and division in divorce legal before getting married. The lack of legal documents that state your stand on these issues often leads to complicated separation processes, with some people getting shortchanged in the settlement process. Everyone should have a clear picture of the entire arrangement beforehand. 

When Trying to Adopt

Many people become parents through adoption. However, because of the sensitive nature of the adoption process, the agencies will have very intricate terms and conditions for the adoptive parents to meet. You will have an easier time going through these terms and conditions and meeting them with the help of a family lawyer. You can find one that has dealt with adoption cases to help you meet the requirements stipulated by the agencies to simplify the process. They will also liaise with the birth parents and any legal representation they might have to ensure the process runs successfully. 

When Handling a Divorce

Sometimes people drift apart, and the differences are too many for reconciliation. When you separate from your partner, you have to consider the proper processes to follow. The law does not require you to prove why you are dissolving the marriage to grant a divorce. However, you and your partner might have a contest about issues like the division of property and child custody. Get a lawyer to guide you through the complexities and represent your best interests. 

These are some of the crucial situations when you will find it necessary to hire a family lawyer. Remember to check their track record in previous cases and ensure they have been performing well before engaging them in your family matters.