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I have been waiting for the last twenty years to leave my husband. I have never been that well suited to him, but once I got pregnant I thought we should give it a try. Now that the kids have left home, it's obvious that our marriage is totally over. We're going to get a divorce. I'm making sure I have all of my ducks in a row, legally speaking, before I leave so that I get everything I'm entitled too. This blog is designed to give other empty nest divorcees a place to chat and share tips and advice.


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Starting my new life

The Importance Of Having A Family Lawyer During The Adoption Process

by Cherly Green

Adopting a child is not as easy as finding a prospective child and taking them into your custody. This process is not just complex but can be incredibly lengthy too, more so if you do not know how to navigate the labyrinth of legalities that surround this process. To help ease this transition and increase your likelihood of successfully adopting a child, it is essential to enlist a family lawyer as your legal representative. This piece delves into the importance of having a family lawyer during the adoption process.

A family lawyer will clarify the options available to you

One thing that you should know about the adoption process is that you are not limited to your local adoption agencies. When you hire a family lawyer, they will expound on the various options that are available to you, ranging from international adoption to private adoption. The one thing you should know is that you should not choose one solution over the other right away before you have familiarised yourself with the different pros and cons that they present. With a family lawyer by your side, you can be assured that you are making the right choice that is suited to your immediate and long-term needs.

A family lawyer will fill and submit paperwork

A primary step that opens the doors to the adoption process is filling out paperwork correctly and honestly. If this paperwork is not accorded the seriousness that it deserves, then you will effectively blow your shot at taking part in the adoption process altogether. While filling a form may seem simple at the outset, the reality is that these adoption applications are quite intricately detailed. Moreover, they will contain a myriad of seemingly intrusive questions regarding your family life, your parental abilities and more. A family lawyer will be a great asset at this stage since they will guide you through the filling of these documents. Moreover, they will also ensure that you are providing comprehensive information that will increase the chances of your application being successful.

A family lawyer will coach you through your home studies

Before an adoption agency can entrust you with the care of a child of whatever age, be it an infant or a teenager, they need to physically assess your home situation to determine if your lifestyle is suitable for child-rearing. Although this process will initially begin with the collection of data pertaining to your lifestyle, such as medical records, financial statements and so on, it progressively leads to actual visits to your residence. A family lawyer will not only be charged with the gathering of pertinent documentation, but they will also guide you on how best to improve and transform your residence to ensure that it is safe for a child.