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I have been waiting for the last twenty years to leave my husband. I have never been that well suited to him, but once I got pregnant I thought we should give it a try. Now that the kids have left home, it's obvious that our marriage is totally over. We're going to get a divorce. I'm making sure I have all of my ducks in a row, legally speaking, before I leave so that I get everything I'm entitled too. This blog is designed to give other empty nest divorcees a place to chat and share tips and advice.


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Starting my new life

Compelling Reasons To Hire A Family Lawyer

by Cherly Green

Most family law matters are settled through out-of-court processes. Therefore, it is not unusual for most people to question the need for family lawyers. If you have an ongoing family law issue, below are some compelling reasons to hire a family lawyer

Family Lawyers Understand Family Law Statutes  

The primary benefit of hiring a family lawyer is that they are trained to interpret the law to determine how best to handle the issue at hand. It helps guarantee a positive outcome and prevents you from following up on legal matters that do not meet the required criteria. For example, the law sets minimum requirements if you intend to divorce your spouse or adopt a baby. Moreover, it details the divorce and child adoption process. Your lawyer explains these legalities to ensure you know what to expect once you begin to pursue the issue. 

Conversely, you are likely to make rookie errors that could cost you time and money if you opt for self-representation. For example, you could lodge a divorce application, yet you do not meet the eligibility criteria. You could also make errors that could lead to a negative outcome. For instance, the Family Court could hold you in contempt if you disregard orders. 

Family Lawyers Are Excellent Negotiators

Most family law matters involve intense negotiators. Therefore, you will be disadvantaged if the other party has a family lawyer. Your family lawyer assesses the situation and determines viable strategies to approach the matter. Sometimes, you will be in the wrong. For instance, your violent history could have compelled your spouse to seek sole parenting orders. In this case, your lawyer negotiates for a reasonable outcome that grants you access to the kids. They also give insights on how to gain full rights to your kids. For instance, you could go for rehabilitation or join anger management classes. 

If your issue ends in court, your family lawyer can tap into the judge's conscience to get a favourable ruling. For instance, they could ensure they could humanise you to ensure the judge understands the motives behind your decisions. They also develop creative strategies to counter the other party's arguments. For example, they could question their evidence or bring in expert witnesses. 

Family Lawyers Ease The Process

One of the challenges of self-representation is that you handle all the legal work. For example, you file applications, organise paperwork, and conduct research on the various family law processes. Moreover, you have to attend negotiation meetings and court sessions. This takes up a lot of your time. Conversely, hiring a lawyer allows you to continue with your daily activities as they represent you in negotiations and court.